Tuesday, February 16, 2010

yeah yeah!

SO i would like to thank jess for think of me <3 it means alot

I guess im supposed to give 10 things about myself

1) Obviously photography is my obsession, and what I AM going to do for the rest of my lovely life.
2) Music is a big part in my life it helps me get threw the day, and helps me with my photography. ( I attempt play a few instruments, and sing)
3) I am currently in York County Community College for digital media and graphic design.
4) I have a person in my life who supports me, and is there for me no matter what. And helps me threw everything and I love being with him. <3
5) I am a unique person an very proud of it.
6) I believe in the paranormal
7) Everything someone says I can almost always sing a song with that line.
8) I love the outdoors, like picknicking in a huge field, or sitting on the beach looking at a sun rise or set.
9) I am short, I am 5 feet tall,
10) I am empathetic, to most people.

And now, my list of blogs:
1) Patty- has been there for a lot of my pictures and never has anything bad to say about them. She is also a amazing photographer.
2) Border Shot- I love how you picture are about your dogs. You take beautiful pictures of them doing what they do best. That never fail to make me smile
3) funchaldailyphoto- is very talented in the shots buildings and cities.
4) Linda- you have so many nice things to say about my pictures. I love your work its very happy.
5)Framing Images and Memories- lovely work, has so many nice things to say about my work. And I always go and look at his work :]
6)adypetrisor- beautiful work all the time the landscapes make me very jealous.
7)thephotositake- you are one of my favorite photographers I love the angles and things you shoot !

valentines day??

Thursday, February 11, 2010

thrill for the kill

sickest metal band ever! you should check'em out myspace.com/thrillforthekill

Tuesday, February 9, 2010